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7 Great Things To Note About Saving On NairaXC & Why We Are The Best

This are Seven important notes about Saving and Investing in NairaXC Cryptocurrency & DeFi Bank

-BLOCKCHAIN NAIRA: We collect Naira, convert to NairaXC(Naira Exchange Coin) and turnover over Global exchange, Giving you the Opportunity to withdraw within few days at a Higher Figure than what you saved. Only Cryptocurrency exchange offers such opportunity globally, we help you enter Global Trade with a Stronger currency.

– HIGHEST RATES FOR ANYONE: Your Monthly Interests on Savings in 30days in NairaXC is same with Yearly interest on Savings In Naira in Several Nigerian Banks, what a Nigerian Economy will give you as interest in a year, you’ll make in a month in Cryptocurrency via NairaXC.

-FASTEST WITHDRAWALS: You can withdraw almost 50% of your Savings with interest within first 15days of your Monthly Fixed Savings Plan, if you saved as Naira in a Traditional Bank you will withdraw at a lesser value as charges and deductions on your Account takes center stage, in NairaXC, your money only goes up not down.

– EMERGENCY WITHDRAWAL: 2days after fixing your money for a Month, suddenly an important issue came up and you needed money badly, no problem, just go to support section under the NairaXC Application and raise an EMERGENCY WITHDRAWALS Support ticket, you can get your savings cut short to the tune of 100k and money refunded in 24-48hrs so you can attend to the serious issue at hand, however you will forfeit all interest if its before due date of withdrawals, No Other savings & staking App gives you such opportunity. One of reasons we are the best.

– OUR OFFICIAL DOLLAR RATES: Current Dollar to Naira rate from CBN is at almost N420, yet we able to do at a lesser value for those buying via Staking, even at CBN you apply for weeks for Official Naira to Dollar rate and only the ‘Big Boys’ get it, reason the rich becomes more richer and the poor poorer, but we are changing all that, through us at NairaXC ordinary people can access US Dollars for Investment, Importation, Education, Travels and other Vital Purposes, one great reason you should pitch your tent with us.

-HUGE GIVEAWAYS FOR SAVERS: In order to encourage you to save for Wealth rather than just deplete your savings, we do random giveaways that can make you a millionaire by just having a savings plan, weekly we give out hundreds of dollars to savers, meaning its not your money with us that matters but that you are able to enjoy benefits beyond your savings while while being a user on our Platform..

– WE ARE AN INSTITUTION: Learn the Art of Cryptocurrency with us not just earn through us, learn how to Build Unlimited Wealth By Staking On Global Economy rather than just the Nigerian Economy where you are located, at AtlanticBX DeFi Bank & Institute LLC, Parent owners of NairaXC DeFi Bank Platform and Cryptocurrency, our aim is not just to do things for you but to teach you how to do it on your own in a much bigger way, hence from week to week we supply you great knowledge-base of How to Build Wealth in Cryptocurrency, by building basing your Finances on Global Decentralized Economy, never be limited by your local Economy any Longer.

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