EKOWA GX(EKG) Gold Backed Investment Cryptocurrency Metaverse
Welcome to the Era EKOWA GX, an ER2 nd 22/24KARAT Gold Backed Cryptocurrency, Buy at mature t0 $59,500USD(Internationa Gold Price) in just 8weeks,  now you can buy Ready Made Gold Tokens which gives you the Power to Exclusively trade via the Blockchain while still having a Physical Gold Value for your Purchase, Own A Portion Of Pure Gold Without Ever Stepping Foot in a Gold Mine, possesing Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars for massive shipping. or any security Infracstructure, just get our GOLD CRYPTO and enjoy the Benefit of owning Gold in it’s Purest form and at a bargain value ever. The Power of Steady Appreciation And Amazing Stability in % Appreciation is what gives this currency it’s real worth, we present you the Most Stable Cryptocurrency In The World backed by Africa’s Gold Deposit

Our E2G Currency is valued by the International Value of Gold, you can convert your NFT Token to pure Gold by Filling Your Shipping Details and Redeeming The Token With Us.

International Gold Price per Kilo USD: 16-02-22
Current Price $59,689.11
Week High $60,424.50
Week Low $58,438.26
Week Change $+1,188.16 (2.03%)

Check Below the E2G(Ethereum 2 Gold) in our GOLD CENTERED METAVERSE, this NFTs can be used as Gold Currency on the Blockchain, they Possess the same Physical Value of International Gold Price. Possess Your Gold Investment Now, buy this NFTs and keep as Investment or resell as Gold Via the Blockchain.

Buy as Gold Investment, Resell at International Value Of Gold or Redeem as 24Karat Gold

Circulating Volume:
Total Supply:

Over 10bn Dollar Of Africa’s Gold Is Traded Via Mines Every Year At Prices Way Lower Than International Gold Prices, Our Cryptocurrency Is Built On Gold Trade, Giving You The Oportunity To Own Gold

Gold is the Most Stable Priced Item in the world for countless years now, currently trading at $59,600*usd, Africa is home to the Largest Supplies of Gold Deposits with Major Supplies Coming from Ghana, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Congo D.R and in some parts of Nigeria and more.

Africa supplies the World with its Largest Gold needs, making it less likely for a Gold Investor Outside Africa to be able to make much proper profit on Investment if its not done close to home itself,  Africa’s Gold Mining Market.

So this is what we’ve done, Building On the Power of Blockchain and the NFT wave, you can now Digitally own your Gold Deposit no matter the Volume by Investing in few Ethereum based Tokens, store your Gold as tokens, Redeem for Profit at a later time or Request shipping of 22/24Karat GOLD NUGGETS by Filling our E2G Redemption Form At Base Of Page, welcome to the E2G Economy.

  • You Send Us Ethereum By Purchasing Our Gold NFTs
  • WE GET OUR GOLD DIRECTLY FROM MINE SOURCES at much lesser % from our Local Mines and sell To Product Manufacturers, Jewellers and more at High Volumes at close to International Rates, current International Gold Price of $59,600*/Kilo, 
  • We turn your Ethereum over in GOLD FOREX Within 48days
  • You Redeem Your Ethereum With Interest at International Gold Rates of $59,600USD*

Ethereum to Gold

Own World Renowned Gold Metal in it’s purest form with as little as $2,500 and up to $10m worth of Ethereum. Get raw 24Carat Gold in exchange for Ethereum Via our Platform & MetaVerse, credit Our Official Etherum Account Sent Via Mail after filling your Form and Completing Order, or buying our Ready NFT Gold Tokens on our site, get your direct From Mine Gold delivered in your State and Country via Shipping in 28days*, sold at 10% discount from International Market Value, giving you Great Investment Power.

All Gold Shipment are sourced from our Gold Mine Partners Specifically in 5 African  Countries, all Our Gold are Legally Sourced and Direct from Mines , InvestCity is a Venture Capital Platform Owned and Managed by SHPILimited, A Real Estate and Investment Firm, Partnered by Richbury Investment Ltd., a Investment and Financial Planning Company, we are Government Registered Firms, we not permitted to do illegal transactions or haulage as Registered Entites, all our Gold goes through Legal Routes.


E2G Grand Partner1

10kg Gold Token, Redeem Via Shipping: $520,000 ($595,000* Resale Value + 1.5kg 24KARAT Gold Nuggets, $85,000 worth)
Ethereum 2 Gold(E2G)….GRAND PARTNER 1 Be the First To Grab Our 10KG Grand Partner Token, its Only 1 On Sale and Our Largest GOLD INVESTMENT Giveaway. BENEFITS

-Become A Major Market Shareholder And Partner
-999.9 Gold Nuggets -Become A Board member/Director(Optional)
-1.5kg($85,000USD) 24KARAT Extra Shipped Within 48days
– Redeem Your 10kg GRAND MASTER Token Within 90days or sell Instantly On Blockchain Convert Your Ethereum To 22/24KARAT Gold Asset, buy Ready Made Gold Tokens which gives you the Power to Exclusively trade Gold Asset via the Blockchain and get 15% Profit on your Investment or Redeem Your Physical Gold Nugget on our platform Via Shipping, Become a Major Gold Investor Without Necessarily Getting Involved In The Processes Of Gold Mining, enjoy Great Investment Value by Partnering With Africa’s First Gold NFT/Blockchain Platform.

-22 and 24 Karat Gold: we are packaging Gold in it’s most Raw and Pure form, it’s 24Karat and 22Karat Of international Quality, you can then resell for higher profit or use for further production of Jewelry and other appliances as you deem fit, but you benefit more by reselling.

– Quality Guaranteed: if for any reason you feel you not getting the best Quality Gold as indicated via our website, you can return it back and seek a refund

-International Gold Market Value for 1kg, we send you Gold at up to 10% off International Value, making a massive Investment Bargain for anyone you however bare shipping cost

– Amazing Investment: The only item/currency that has never lost its value nor depreciated since human existence, Gold never loses it’s value.

50g(500unit): $2,600 ($2,975 Current Resale Value)

100g: $5,200 ($5,900 Current Resale Value)

200g: $10,400 ($11,800 Current Resale Value)

250g: $13,000 ($14,750 Current Resale Value)