Naira Exchange Coin




Exchange The ₦aira To 1 Dollar @N395-N415 Our ICO Official Rate

NairaXC is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and blockchain-based Currency(Cryptocurrency), built to Provide
A Stable Version Of The Naira In The CryptoVerse

Naira Exchange Coin(₦xc)

Providing You A Stronger Naira Across The Global Market

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No.1 DeFi/Digital Banking Platform

Save In Naira Earn In Dollars, Get $ Volumes At Naira Official Rates

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StableCoin & USD Backed New Currency

Save In Naira Earn In Dollars, Save In Bitcoin, Eth, USD, EURO, Earn Great Interests On Your Naira.

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Built On A Secured Binance Blockchain

Save In Naira Earn In Dollars, Save In Bitcoin, Eth, USD, EURO, Earn Great Interests On Your Naira.

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Exchange Your Crypto Coins To Nxc In Min.

Withdraw As USD Via Your Dashboard, No More Stress Over Naira To Dollar Blackmarket Dilemma

Naira Echange Coin

ICO(Initial Coin Offering)

N Bn
$ 0.1 m
Allocation Per WEEK

$50m Initial ICO Sale


The Pathway To Financial Independence For Over 200m Nigerians Home And Abroad, Built On BEP 20 Framework, Providing A Stronger And More Stable Naira On The Blockchain.

Africa's Most Powerful Currency

Empowering The Nigerian Naira By Power Of Blockchain

Save Your Naira In Nxc(Cryptocurrency), Withdraw In Weeks At N415/$1,


Save Your Naira As NairaXC USD, Withdraw As Dollar @N415/$, Withdraw Easily in 3 Seperate Volumes In A 10week Savings Cycle.

 Plan Towards Your Dollar Needs, Save, Invest, Deposit Your Naira In Nxc IN 15-75 Days Savings Cycle, Withdraw As USD, Gain Better Value For Every Naira Saved!

NAIRAXC USD Is A USD Equivalent Cryptocurrency & Stable Coin Issued At NairaXC DeFi Bank Platform: What We've Done Is Provide Millions Of Nigerians Access To USD Exchange Up To $500k At Close To Nigeria's Official Naira to Dollar Rate In Few Easy Steps..

Why Cheat Yourself With A Non-Performing Economy, Saving Naira As Naira Is Equals To Lesser Value Few Weeks Down The Line, With NairaXC Crypto, You Get A Higher Value For Your Naira In A Currency Purchase & Staking Plan, Start Withdrawing Your Funds At N415/$ Equivalent 2 Weeks Into Your Savings.

NairaXC Exchange

NairaXC Global Exchange Listing News/Timetable Exchange Listing Timetable Is September 14, 2022:  $0.99, N442 Exchange Listing Timetable Is September 28, 2022:  $0.99, N442 Exchange Listing Timetable Is September 28, 2022:  $0.99, N442 $0.99, N442

Current Supply of NairaXC ICO tokens: 50m:  Hardcap: $20bn/20bn NairaXC Total Available Volume

A New Currency, A New Reign

Gain Up To 25% In Global Forex Trade Within Weeks


Increase The Value Of Your Naira, Protect It Against Devaluation, Save As NairaXC USD, Withdraw At N415/$ Official Naira Value Or Nigerian Naira@N455/Nxc, Gain Massively Interest On Deposits

The Nigerian Naira Could Get Devalued Or Lose Value To Inflation At Anytime But US Dollars Always Maintains It’s Value, Giving You The Opportunity To Own A Stronger Currency With A Weaker One.


Withdraw Up To $500,000 Of Your US Dollars Volume In 2week - 10weeks interval, in a 25%, 25%, 50% Supply Volume

Withdraw At Official Naira To Dollar Rate At N415/$, Go To Withdrawal Under App Dashboard, Select Your Withdrawal Volume In Sequence 25%, 25%, 50% in a 10week NairaXC USD Release Period.


Save Your Naira As NairaXC @N415/Nxc, Withdraw Up To N5m In 2-4weeks At N1.06 Gain, Exchange Back To Nigerian Naira @ N455/Nxc

Purchase NairaXC in Local Naira, exchange to Dollar on our Platform at Close to Naira Official Rate @N442/$1 and completely bypass the current N605/$1 at Black Market rate, benefit from Blockchain Technology, Own a stronger Naira, trade Globally with more confidence, more profit, a Revolution you shouldn’t miss.


Save2Wealth: The More Naira You Save As NairaXC, The More You Enjoy Close To 9.8% Currency Appreciation At End Of 30days Savings Cycle.

Withdraw At An Appriciated Naira Volume At N430/Nxc, Go To Withdrawal Under App Dashboard, Select Your Withdrawal Volume In Sequence 50% in 15days, 50% by 30th day NairaXC To Naira Exchange & Staking Phase.

Crypto Banking In Naira XC

Gain Up To 24.5% In Global Forex Trade Benefits


NairaXC USD IMPORT+: Get US Dollars AT N415/$. Break The Global Trade Barrier, Import At Our Official Naira to Dollar Rate, Gain Huge Global Trade Advantage.

Purchase NairaXC in Local Naira, exchange to Dollar on our Platform at Close to Naira Official Rate @N442/$1 and completely bypass the current N580/$1 at Black Market rate, benefit from Blockchain Technology, Own a stronger Naira, trade Globally with more confidence, more profit, a Revolution you shouldn’t miss.

Decentralized Currency

NairaXC USD REAL ESTATE+. Buy Property At Cheaper Rate By Converting First To NairaXC/Dollar, Withdraw @N415/$

A Unique Template For The Naira, We Are Killing Nigeria’s Inflation With One Breath.


NairaXC USD TRAVELS +: Get USD For Your Travels & Tours At Great Value Of N415/$1 by buying NairaXC Value, save more on your Planned Traveling Engagements Ahead Of Time

Buying Dollar Via Official Naira e.g N100,000 Will Give You $170 via Black Market, but Same Value Will Give You $240 Via NairaXC Allocated Volume


Get Your NairaXC USD Volume, Buy Your NairaXC Token @ N415/$(USDT), Select Between Figures N25,000-N100m

Visit Our Banking Platform, Register And Own Your First NairaXC, choose your Preferred Supply Today!


Exchange Your Cryptocurrency To NairaXC I USD Live AUCTIONS: $50.0-$10m Dollar Worth Of Nxc Available Live In Exchange For USDT, BITCOINS, ETHER, BNB & BUSD Only.

You Want To Exchange Your Cryptocurreny Directly To NairaXC, Enter Our Live Nxc Auction Platform And Own Your Volume Within Minutes

NairaXC Exclusive Live Auctions Sales I All 30days* USD Volume Withdrawal

Order First Via Our Live/Support Auction, Then Visit ‘Auctions’ Under NairaXC DeFi App After Logging in And Claim Your Coins, Buy A Volume From Early Buyers And Exchange To USD@N455/$ In 30day Volume Withdrawal

AVAILABLE ON SALE: 1445₦xc@N641,652-Bantex BDC, 4800₦xc@N2,131,440-Bantex BDC, 4800₦xc@N2,131,440-Obinna O….

Login@ Make A Deposit And Claim Any Available Nxc Volume Under Auction List Menu, After Purchase Make A ‘Auction Exclusive Volume’ Request Via Withdrawal Menu, Receive Your USD Equivalent In 30days Period.

Loans & More

NAIRAXC USD COIN LOAN: Save, Purchase Your First Volume And Qualify For Our Coin Loan

Get Collateral Free Nxc Loan For Your Personal & Business Needs After A Successful Saving Cycle, Be Part Of Our Trade Culture, Enjoy Great Loan Benefits Lined Up For Our App Users.

NairaXC, Dollar Ankara Card

Receive Dollar Denominated NairaXC Ankara Card For Free, Trade With Your Dollar Denominated NairaXC USD Card 2Weeks After Your Purchased Volume.

From 28th Of June, 2022, Our WebApp Users Can Now Get Their Allocated Dollar Volume Credited To Our Issued Virtual Dollar Card Called The NairaXC USD Ankara Card, Accessible On Your First Withdrawal.

Start Your NairaXC Savings Today!

Watch Step By Step Guide

Setup Your Account And Start In Just 5Mins


Register Now Via The Naxc WebAPP, Start Your Journey To True Financial Independence In Minutes.

Buy Your First NairaXC Volume @N415/1Nxc/$1, Get Your Volume At ICO Release, Change To $1USD TO 1Nxc, At NairaXC DApp 


Go Through Our FAQ & Step By Step Guide

See How You Can Buy Dollar Volume Via Cryptomarket In Just 5Mins

What Is NairaXC Cryptocurrency

NairaXC (Naira Exchange Coin) is a Cryptocurrency Built On The Binance Block Chain for Strengthening The Local Naira By Leveraging On Blockchain & Decentralized Finance To Increased Its Chain Value On A Global Scale And Converted Back To USD For Nigerians To Access Much Easily. NairaXC is a StableCoin backed by the World's Most Consistent Currency at $1 to 1Nxc.

Stable, Non Volatile Digital Currency
The NairaXC is built to Maintain it's value by Stable Asset Value of $1 to 1Nxc and likewise Represent the official Value of The Nigerian Naira on the Global Blockchain, allowing Investors and consumers be able to trade Globally with a Stronger and stable Naira via the Blockchain as well as Leverage on Crypto Exchange to achieve Great Investment benefits with a much stable Naira Accesible To Millions Via  the Blockchain

What we've Done
By creating an access point for you to own and Mine your own Naira To Dollar with the Power of Blockchain, You can easily save your Naira from any impending Devaluation within few minutes by saving it as NairaXC on our Banking platform, maintaining the Value in Dollars Which Is One Of World's Most Stable Currency and thereafter converting back to Naira As A Better Form Of Liquidity.

Our aim is not only to determine the availability of enough of our Stable Naira Exchange Coins for Global Exchange but Average Nigerians Value to help carry out huge enough Global Trade in Dollars thereby helping you to complete your Countless number of Dollar, Euro and other Global Currency based transaction with better Leverage helping you reach you aims and goals for your financial transactions without much limitations

In 2021, Nigeria Dollar Inflow And Outflow Registered And Declared By CBN is $26.5bn, majority of this were Sold to Nigerians at Well over N500/$1 at the BlackMarket, WhileC The Official Value Is Benefited By just a few, NairaXC Is changing all of that.

I Need USD Exchange Instntly At Official Rate, Can't Wait For All This Release Volumes Stages

You can try Banks Or other Exchanges That Might Be Able To Get Instant NairaTo USD Exchange@N415 Official Rate, If You Might Not Be Able To Go With Our NairaXC USD Volume Release Stages, What We Offer Is What Is Officially Feasible And Within Our Scope Of Operations.

We Wish To Offer Only What Is Within Our Grasp And Aligns With Our Agenda, Thank you!

The Exchange Rate Here Is Considerably Lower Compared To Nigerian Black Market Rate, How Possible.

Our Agenda As A Currency Issuing Platform Is To Create Opportunity Of A Strong Naira By Engaging In Proper & Strict Policy Controlled Currency Arbitrage In High Volume And Transferring The Gains To The NairaXC Subscriber At A Stronger Nigerian Value

Our Exchange Rate Is Pegged Close To Official Value Of  Naira Against The Dollar Which Currently sits at N419*/$ And Simultaneously Pegged Against The Official Value Of US Dollars at $1/1Nxc, However The Base Value Of Our Nxc  Might Be N475/$ in upcoming Volume release If Directly Bought Frm Us, But For Our Ongoing First Release This Is The Rate Our Currency Operates Around In Exchange Aspect, Our Operations As A Firm/Body Is To Maintain The Better Balanced Naira To Dollar Rate Year In Year Out And To Achieve This We Currently Have A 20Bn Volume Release Of Nxc to USD @ 1Nxc/$1, Giving Us A Long Timeline For Effective Control Of A Stronger Naira To Dollar Rate Via Our Platform. Thank you!

Will The Naira To Nxc Exchange Rate Always Be N415/$ As Displayed As Official Rate

Our Current ICO Release Comes At This Rate And It's Applicable To Every Buyer Of Currently Released Volume, We Will Be Releasing Volumes On A Fortnight Basis, However Exchange Rates Might Differ Based On Several Factors, However Our Aim Is To Always Provide An Exchange Rate Pegged To Both United States Dollar And Official Naira to Dollar Rates, We Will Always Be Your Go To Source To Get USD At The Best Value Ever As A Nigerian. 

What's Minimum & Maximum Volume Purchase/Exchange For NairaXC Coins Is Possible

 At This Time The Minimum Volume Of Nxc Token Allowed For Purchase Is N25,000 Worth And Maximum Volume Allowed For Purchase Is To The Tune Of N20m. Thank You!

The 60days Interval Release Volume, Can I Understand It Better

After Purchasing Your NairaXC Volume, We Have Made It Possible To Withdraw Your Corresponding USD Volume In Space Of 60days, After First 15Days Of Volume Withdrawal Of 25%, The Rest Is Withdrawn As 25% After 30days and 50% After 30days Via Your App Dashboard.

If You Are Withdrawing As Naira

How Do I Deposit & Exchange Naira To NairaXC On The Platform

After Logging Into Your Nxc Dashboard via this link, click on Menu Deposit, Then Follow The Steps Indicated Afterwards

How Do I Withdraw My NairaXC USD

After Logging Into Your Nxc Dashboard, click on Menu Withdraw As, Then Follow The Steps Afterwards. Thank you!


If I Have Any Issues, How Do I Contact Support/Management For Solution

If You Have Any Major Problem On The Use Of The Platform And Need One Of Our Managers To Attend To You, Send An Email To Thank you!

Would There Ever Be A Situation Where My Exchange Volume At USD Alocation Is Not Completed

Every USD Exchange Volume Has Already Been Catered For In Every Coin Release, Whatever Volume e Are Making Capacity For Is What Is Sold Out In Naira

Hence, Whatever Volume Is Purchased Via Our Platform Will Be Issued To You As At When Due, Every Release Period Has An Equivalent Of USD Made Available To Be Released In Our Volume Release Stages, Any Amount Of USD We Can't Or Not Releasing We Don't Sell The NairaXC Equivalent. Thank you!

Can I Get My NairaUSD Equivalent In Naira Payment

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Where Will My USD Be Sent To Upon Withdrawal Request

Currently All USD Withdrawals Are Processed Through USDT, A US Dollars Stable Crypo That Represents The Value Of American US Dollar On The Blockchain, It Can Be Exchanged To Virtually Other FIAT Currencies Via Platform At NairaXC,, Bitrex,, Paxful And Several Others.

If You Don't Have A USDT Wallet Yet, Go To Either Of The Aforementioned Platforms And Set Up An Account, It Takes Just Minutes To Set One Up, Generate Your Wallet And Send, Receiving Your USD As USDT Withdrawals Comes At No Cost

If You Want Dorm Account Transfer, It Will Come At A Cost Of 3.5%* Of Total Amount If It's Dorm Account Outside Nigeria, While We Charge 1% Of Total Figure As Service Fee, If You Prefer Dorm Transfer Only, Send An Email To And We'll Attend To Your Need Accordingly. Thank you!

Can I Know More About The Virtual Dollar Card To Be Issued

If You Want To Have The Opportunity Of Using Your USD Volume As A Credit Card Facility Which Can Be Used Across Any Card Accepting Platform Or Services, Our Issued NairaXC Ankara Card Will Provide You The Opportunity To Do Direct Online Payment With Your USD Withdrawals, It Operates Like Any Issued Bank Card But Location Domain Is United States, Thereby You Won't Be Limited As A Nigerian Bank Issued Visa/Mastercard While Making USD Transactions Across Border.

Your NairaXC Ankara Card Is Activated Upon Subscription To Our ICO Plan, Issuance And Further Instructions Will Be Communicated Via Mail. Thank you!

Who's The Firm Behind NairaXC DeFi Bank

NairaXC Cryptocurrency And Dapp Platform  Is Owned And Facilitated By AtlanticBX DeFi Bank And Institute, LLC, A Denver, Colorado, USA Based Firm Whose Aim Is To Make DeFi Currency & USD More Available To Lesser Domains & Countries In Order To Drive More Financial Strength & Fluidity Into Their Economy By Leveraging On Blockchain Technology & It's Benefits.

Nigerian Naira Been One Of the Major Currency In Africa Especially As World's Most Populated Black Nation, The Nigerian Naira Is One Of Currency That's Of Utmost Importance To Us

Select Your Volume & Save

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10week Supply

NairaXC ICO 3


10week Supply

Own Your First NairaXC Coin

ICO Sales(Initial Coin offering)@ N415/$1(USD)

Be the first owners of NairaXC at the strongest Value ever at Inception,
make good Investment returns within days of trade

Initial Currency Distribution

Save Your Naira As Crypto Naira In Minutes, Trade Against Over 100 FIAT Currencies, $, £, €..Daily & More

Join The NairaXC Community

Let's Guide You Into The Crypto Banking World

Partake In Global Trading In Few Minutes, Bank Crypto Savings Interests & More.

We are providing you a Powerful Crypto Banking Infricstructure And A Stronger Naira against every World Currency by helping you to Change Naira into other Major Global Currency by Leveraging On Our NairaXC(Naira Exchange Coin)

Get out of your

Comfort Zone

Let Innovation Change Your World, Be A Part Of A New Global Move, Partake In The Global Economy While Still Been Resident In Africa.

Africa's Most Powerful Currency

Invest In NairaXC

By creating an access point for you to own and Mine your own Naira with the Power of Blockchain, You can easily save your Naira from any impending Devaluation within few minutes by saving it as Crypto on our platform, maintaining the Value and thereafter converting back to Naira

Naira Exchange Coin